Did you Know??

Adobe Flex/ Air

Adobe Flex is a software development kit released by Adobe Systems for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Flex applications can be written using Adobe Flex Builder or by using the freely available Flex compiler from Adobe.

At SDS we Web Application Development servce in Flex, as a growing technology Flash/Flex are used to make web applications, with Rich Media Content and enhanced User Interface. With use of Flash/Flex, we can produce web application based on browser, mobile as well as desktop.

Now, to make the web applications robust we use server side programming language to make bridge between Flash and Database or Server which can be formatted in a small program as well as Web services, XML, Flash Remoting, FMS (Flash Media Server), AMF (Action Message Format).

Further, with the advent of Air we can develop desktop applications as well, and can even collaborate that with your web application, so that you as a user can enjoy the facilities of both online and offline mode of the application and the task performed in the offline mode are synced with the online server database when internet connectivity is available.

Our development team has gained expertise to do Flash/Flex integration with other technologies like PHP, .NET, & JAVA.

Defining AIR

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application.

Adobe made a public preview release of AIR along with a software development kit (SDK) and extension for developing AIR applications with the Flex framework, thus providing a new dimension to the web development area.

Development advantages with Adobe Air:

  • Air applications have more persistence, power, and functionality.
  • Adobe AIR uses the same proven, cost-effective technologies used to build web applications, so development in Air is robust and have a quick turnaround time.
  • Adobe AIR applications install seamlessly from the browser or download and install like a traditional desktop application.
  • AIR provides APIs that allow applications to be updated as easily as pushing new content to a website.
  • AIR applications are cross-platform, so they can be installed on and run on multiple operating systems.
  • With Integrated JavaScript and ActionScript virtual machines are compatible with the browser. Air Applications can run in the background or provide notifications like traditional desktop applications. RIAs are installed and available on the desktop. They store information locally and operate offline.
  • Applications can access a desktop file system, clipboard, drag and drop events, system tray/notifications, and more.
  • Adobe AIR offers integrated support for SQLite database providing easy development of desktop application that run both online & offline.
  • RIAs have a customizable user interface and desktop integration, enabling branded experiences.
  • Applications have unlimited local storage and access to a local database, plus encrypted local storage.

Now, you must have the question in mind how Fashtech can help you, so here what we can do for you.
We have Fashtech have learned and enriched our expertise for Adobe Air application development from the date Adobe launched this technology as a new development platform. We have successfully developed and deployed about 4 Air application development projects and we have a working expertise and exposure to Air Application Development.

The best way how we can get started is that if you have an idea share your ideas/requirements with us and we can develop a detailed scope and project analysis document for you and once the requirement is finalized, we assure you to provide a solution that enables you to leverage all benefits the technology offers into your business & life.

Drop us your requirement details and we will be happy to help you.